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Welcome to High Lakes Leadership


This program year is currently in session. It is a learning opportunity for those who live, work or conduct business in Union County, Iowa. You are welcome to apply for the Class of 2019.

Nine sessions will be held on a bi-weekly basis starting January through May. The sessions are held at various locations throughout Union County and focus on learning the community capitals and instilling leadership skills.

We are now accepting nominations for the Class of 2019!

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Program Description


The High Lakes Leadership Program is part of the High Lakes Leadership Initiative of the Union County Development Association. Recognizing the pivotal role leadership plays at all levels in community development, the program aims to strengthen existing and emerging leaders. The program supports development of local leaders to shape and lead the change they want to see in their community in which the live, work and play.

The program exposes individuals to a variety of personal, community and work leadership skills while showcasing what we have to offer in Union County, Iowa. It builds constructive relationships with local leaders and supports them to identify and act on ideas that contribute to community and regional economy.


Alumni Gallery


The benefits and connections made during the High Lakes Leadership Program do not end at graduation. Graduates not only form friendships during this time but also develop useful business and community contacts that will benefit them now and in the future.   Go to Gallery



Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the High Lakes Leadership Program. Learn More

Nominate Someone Today

To be considered for the class, participants may be nominated by an employer/colleague or are welcome to apply directly. Nominations are accepted year round, but must be received by Sept. 30 to be eligible for the next year’s class.

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