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Application Tutorial for High Lakes Youth Leadership


The High Lakes Youth Leadership program runs from September through May of the following year. Application to High Lakes Youth Leadership (HLYL) is open to students who attend public or private school and to those who are home schooled will start the school year in 9th – 12th grade in Union County. Students are selected by the HLYL Selection Committee on their own merits based upon the information provided in the application. The Committee selects a diverse group of young men and women from a cross section of the student body in Union County. The HLYL Selection Committee encourages persons of ethnic and minority origin as well as those with disabilities to submit an application.

Attendance at each class session is crucial to the success of the class. Attendance for all nine sessions is mandatory. Prior permission must be obtained from the HLYL Program Committee for excused absence from any session and may be granted only in cases of extreme personal emergency, unavoidable school conflicts and academic eligibility. A participant will only be allowed two absences, if absolutely necessary. Failure to attend or to obtain prior permission for all class sessions may result in a student not graduating from the program.

In addition to the regular class sessions, class members are expected to participate in assigned outside discussions and activities. Due to size restrictions of each year’s class, it is possible qualified applicants will not be selected for the class. Applicants are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years.

Basic Selection Criteria:

  • Interest in developing leadership potential or show demonstrated leadership potential.
  • Diversity is one of the essential characteristics in a learning experience in which participants learn from one another. To achieve that goal, we seek a group that reflects diverse backgrounds and/or experiences.
  • Must be in good academic standing and have no attendance or major disciplinary problems in school.
  • School counselors, teachers, and/or administrative staff and parents must approve of students’ participation.


1. Please print legibly.

2. The student must complete SECTION I-STUDENT INFORMATION

3. The adult/peer reference must complete SECTION II – REFERENCE INFORMATION. The adult/peer reference should be an individual that is personally acquainted with the student, and will continue to have contact with the student throughout the next school year. The reference should not be a family member of the student. This form can also be used to nominate a student for the program.

4. Both sections contain a SIGNATURE BLOCK that must be completed.

5. The two sections (Application and Reference Form) should be sent together. The forms should be sent to:

High Lakes Youth Leadership
P.O. Box 471, Creston, IA 50801

6. If you have any questions regarding the application or reference form, please contact Mindy Stalker at (641) 782-2003

Due Date: The application period is now open for the Class of 2019!  Applications are due May 1, 2018.


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