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Application Period for the Class of 2019 is October 1 – November 2018!


Application Period for the Class of 2019 is April 1 – May 1 2018!


Personal Testimonies


The High Lakes Leadership provides an excellent vehicle for learning about Union County and making the transition from a citizen on the sidelines to an active community leader. What will your testimony be?

“High Lakes is one of the best experiences I have ever had. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

– Emma Harper, HLYL (Class of 2014)

“Participating in HLL provided me with knowledge, resources and networking that was not only enlightening but inspiring and motivational”

– Nancy Loudon, (Class of 2011)

“During my time with HLYL I learned skills that will better my future. I met many different people and now have a different perspective on how to make my future happen.”

– Lynn Singer, HLYL (Class of 2014)

“High Lakes Leadership was a great program, especially for a newcomer to the area. As I now have a broader knowledge of what Union County has to offer”

– Dr. Linda Carroll, (Class of 2010)

“This class not only provided me with a lot of knowledge but left me feeling empowered to become a better leader.

– Brenna Howarth, (Class of 2016)

“High Lakes Youth Leadership is an amazing program! There was so much I learned, and it was a fantastic opportunity. I now no longer keep to myself in discussion and work well with others. Keep up the good work!

– Dawson Goodridge, HLYL (Class of 2017)

“As a new resident of the community, this was one of the best possible outlets for me to learn about the people, places, and politics of Union County. Not only did I get to put faces to a lot of names, but I was able to interact with our community leaders. I have found several tools and resources that will help me be a better member of the new community I live in.”

– Katie Carlton, (Class of 2015)